Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speeding Tickets and Headbands

Yesterday I was on my way to have lunch in downtown Morgan Hill with Megan, and I learned something new.

Apparently, there is a 35 mile per hour zone that I was unaware frustrating it is to think you're not speeding...and be  speeding...

The officer asked me what I thought the speed limit was and I said "45"... obviously, I was caught off guard because I didn't bother to look in front of the spot I had chosen to pull over in at the "35 mph" sign staring me in the face AND printed on the road...

In all honesty, I think the ticket was a little unfair because he did catch me shortly after the 45 mph zone...

Whatever...I got over it with some yummy food at Ragoots and headband-making (yes, headband-making).

Megan and I decided to get lost in ribbons and buttons and stuff yesterday, and when I got home I started making headbands. I really like headbands. I really hate speeding tickets.


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