Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Thank You Lord!

I am officially 100% DONE with Financial Accounting *Hallelujah Chorus*

I'm sitting at work...counting the minutes down till I can leave to start the preparation for Hume Lake! YAY 

We leave bright and early (actually, 6:30 am is more dark and early) Sunday morning, and I am thoroughly looking forward to the week. I read a blog a few minutes ago that Rob (middle school pastor) wrote about being at the church for 8 years now, and how his first Sunday was the day we left for Hume. I say "we" because I was going into 8th grade. 

It was a little bizarre to look at the photos on Rob's blog, and totally remember being a camper when, come Sunday, I will be a counselor...

Hope none of my girls are TOO scared of clowns...

Time to go!