Monday, March 16, 2009

How did that happen?

Last semester I took 16 units at SJSU, and I was pulling my hair out. I constantly had something to do for school. Constantly had homework or papers to write or tests to study for. When midterms came around, I thought I was going to get an ulcer. 

This semester, I took 14 units. You would think that the load would be similar. Its not. I feel like I'm taking two classes. This is the week before spring break and somehow, I only have 2 finals. One is for my geology class and should be appropriately challenging (and obnoxious), but the other one is for that one hardly counts. 

This semester feels more monotonous (mostly). Nutrition (kill me), Geology, and Econ... epitome of monotony. Polisci/History is only partly boring. Aerobics is a weird sort of 80's techno way. 

I don't have to use my brain as much (which is comfortable if not educational). Maybe it is the same amount of work, but I just got so used to it that now it all seems like a breeze =P hehehe.....

With that said...I do actually still have some homework to finish tonight... here's a little 80's aerobics fun for you:

Work it ladies.


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  1. Econ is.. an evil, evil subject. No joke. hahaha