Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to San Jose

I had so much fun this weekend at my Aunt and Uncle's. And the boys are so darn funny =)

I'm leaving the hot and dry for the cold and wet! Its raining at home...but at least I won't feel like a fish over there. It hit me Saturday morning...the Arizona weather zapped up all my water, and I had to drink 500 glasses till I felt re-hydrated haha 

I'm going to go home and get crafty this week! I kind of caught the bug from Aimee, scrap-book extraordinaire haha I need to finish up a scrapbook she sent me when I graduated. Its pages are pretty much complete...I just need to add pictures and stuff to it. Which makes me even more pathetic for not having finished it...since I graduated 2 years ago haha oops...

And I plan to hang all the pictures I have sitting on my floor and leaning against my walls on the walls. I need to accomplish things over the break...I wish it were all fun scrapbooks and frames that I needed to do...not drivers ed, laundr
y, and homework (why do I have hw over the break? ew)

Anyways, I'm just hanging out in the terminal with my good friend Tazo.....thank  you Starbucks.

Hey IS called damask! yay google:


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