Friday, March 20, 2009

Arizona Bound

I'm sitting in the airport all by my lonesome so I figured I might as well blog =) This is my first flight completely by myself...awww I'm a big girl now *rolls eyes*

I'm going to Chandler, Arizona where it is currently 72 degrees....and its cold and overcast in San Jose so I'm happy to be beating the rain haha

lol security just came on the intercom announcing that everyone in the airport should check and make sure they are wearing their belt because someone left theirs at the security check point...50 old guys just grabbed their waists hahaha ....ok you had to be there to understand...nvm.

WEIRD...this girl just walked up to the terminal and she's got really dark hair like me and really pale skin like me and the same bag as me and a jacket like mine...I feel like I just watched myself walk up...

except I would never wear those shoes with that outfit.

lol ok...Starbucks time


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