Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Made 2009

Ok, I'm finally going to write about Made! I haven't had the energy to yet because the weekend was so crazy, then I got home, and it was a homework frenzy.

The trip went so well, the girls had fun, and the counselors did too! Most memorable part of the week for me: this hike that totally killed me (I don't do well with altitude lol)

Anyways, Saturday morning, the Hume staff had planned a "team building" exercise that was a total surprise to the girls, and partially to us too. They had the girls join in a circle by holding on to broken pieces of rope and told them not to let go....and then we hike. 

They took us up this mountain and everyone was gasping for air. (I don't consider myself to be completely in shape, but I am also not entirely out of shape. Hiking in high altitude, I discovered, is a little bit tiring)

Anyways, we get to the top, and the counselor get to relax as the girls play this was 
hysterical (at least, we thought it was...the girls didn't find it very funny)

First, they split the girls into 2 groups on either side of this field and told them that the field was "lava".

Game: Use a few paper plates to cross the "lava" and back. If you touch the "lava" then every person on your team goes back to the finish line. 

Oh ya...and a few of your team mates are "blind" so you'll have to carry them...

Now the "blind" ones aren't blind, but a few of you "can't walk".....

now you all can walk, but only 3 of you can speak.....

Ok you get the picture...I would say that the game took about an hour and a half, and some of the girls looked like they wanted to punch someone, but that was the point of the game.
The point: to learn how you respond to "life" when "life" is frustrating. Very annoying for the girls....and very entertaining for the counselors (yes, we are mean).

Anyways, the thing that surprised me most about the weekend was how honest the girls ended up being throughout the entire process. During the game, a few of the girls got really frustrated and tried to cheat in order to finish quicker, a few of them lied to the leaders in an attempt to not have to start all over, etc, but in the end, most of the girls realized those things about was an interesting experience. All weekend, they had really honest questions too...they all seemed to let down their guard and let the Holy Spirit move...which was cool =)

Ya know what else was cool? Allyson's and my cabin! yaaaaaaaa lol


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