Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just real quick!

I really need to sleep, but I haven't had one second to blog and will be gone all weekend!

I actually had a really good week =) I got to see Tessa on Monday... you know you're good friends when you can go 3 months without having a moment to catch up and STILL remain good friends lol We saw Duplicity...which was not what I expected, but pretty good 

Tuesday, Luke and I had our meeting with Rob (Venture Middle School Pastor), and we are officially staff! yay how fun =)

Wednesday, my mom and I spent hours in target etc getting me ready for Hume =) Fun fun fun

Today, I had lunch with Jen...I don't think I had seen her for two months...I really don't like that I have a weird schedule that allows months to go by as quickly as they do without me being able to balance in some social time....I should work on that whole "balanced life" thing one of these days (ya know, when I get 5 minutes)...but we had fun, Jen is always so easy to talk to about everything haha I love her
Anyways, the rest of my day consisted of class, buying cowboy boots at DSW, and packing for tomorrow when I go to ....HUME! 

Very excited, but very anxious or something...I don't know... like Luke just went home an hour ago, and I started feeling very anxious

I really hate leaving Luke...I know most people would say we spend too much time together, but I really don't like spending very much time without makes me anxious

My analogy to him was that its how most people feel when they are separated from their cell phones...only different because I'm in love with Luke ....I'm not in love with my cell phone.... my logic clearly reflects the hour that I am blogging...

I'm sure my attention will be fully consumed with the lives and minds of jr high girls...hmmm

ok bedtime 


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