Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost a month...

I realized tonight that this blog has sat here for almost a month with absolutely no attention. I have been so busy.

I've just been buried in homework and life. 

Things I have accomplished:

-finished one of two online sessions of driver's ed (yes, two. So ashamed to have a lead foot...I have learned my lesson though....for now)

-changed my major to Business: Human Resources (and I was informed by my advisor that I should do very well in HR because there is "just something about you"...I shoulda said it, but I didn't.... it's Jesus, dude)

-begun job hunting for the summer etc (I may have a few options which is good)

-analyzed my diet (interesting assignment)

-learned to make gum paste orchids (the picture above is actually from the website of the place we went to. I haven't taken a picture of mine yet, but it really did come out just as you get the idea...they look real. I went with Megan. It was fun.)

-introduced to and talked to music pastor at Venture (so excited to be getting involved
 again where I feel called!!!)

Exciting things coming up on my calendar:

-May 8-10: Santa Barbara for Shelly's graduation from Westmont (after only THREE years...smarty pants)

-May 13: I turn 20...(tonight at 678, Paco and Teylor learned that I only had days left of teen..ness and I informed them that it basically means that I have a few more days to act 
like an idiot and blame it on the fact that I'm a teen...apparently, that isn't a great idea lol)...oh this is also my last "official" day of classes (its kind of a bummer for the last official day to be on your birthday because you feel like you have to go. I would love to skip class on my birthday, but I would probably feel guilty for skipping the last official day.)

-May 14/16: I might (emphasis on the might) be practicing with my highschool ensemble on the 14th for a reunion-ish thing at their concert on the 16th...I don't really know if I'm going yet because they have not communicated very well, and I am quite confused...but I do love them so I would love to.

-May 23: LUKE GRADUATES FROM SJSU (how exciting! I'm so proud!!)

-June 1: Summer session starts.....oh joy... Financial Accounting :/

-June 4: San Francisco with Luke for our TWO YEAR Anniversary... (I feel like it was just yesterday that I met him at the My Former Self concert... amongst the emo and scene kids... me in my high heels, he in his white sunglasses...INDOORS in his I love him)

-July 12-18: HUME LAKE.........there's not much more to say. I just can't wait to have a cabin full of ecstatic junior high girls =)

And now....I sleep


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